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Trump calls Wolff's White House expose 'Fire and Fury' a 'work of fiction'

          <p class="speakable">President Trump called the recently released White House expose “Fire and Fury” a “work of fiction” and and that the purported White House interviews with him exist only in the author’s “imagination.”</p>

<p class="speakable">The president’s comments followed the official release on Friday of Michael Wolff’s book, which questions the Trump’s emotional and intellectual competence to run the Oval Office.</p> Excerpts Wolff’s book, repeated often in the liberal media, say sources close to the president claim he is forgetful and doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to grasp the complex policy and politics of being president
"I went to the best colleges,” said Trump at Camp David. “I … was a great student, made billions of billions of dollars, was one of the top business people, went into television and for 10 years was a tremendous success as you've probably heard.”
          He continued: “Ran for president one time and won. And then I hear this guy who doesn't know me at all, didn't interview me for three hours, his imagination. ….  I consider (the book) a work of fiction.”